Sandimorn Lakeland Terriers 

Roly and Omega Page

Welcome to our

"Roly" and "Omega"


Dedicated to the much loved and sadly missed

companions of

Heather & Jim O'Keefe


A card written by Heather & Jim's grandchildren after the passing of their much loved, "Roly & Omega"
Introducing Roly and Omega, aged 4 weeks 22/6/1991
Aged 6 weeks
Roly at 10weeks of age
Omega at 10weeks of age.
Never far from each other...
The Best of Friends
We always loved the beautiful Queensland beaches..
Shark, no sharks at our beach...
Schools in...
Duck season...
I think the ball is a little bit big to fit in my mouth..
Party Time..where are the pressies..
A very Special portrait
We both loved getting dressed up for Christmas. This is one of the many..
Christmas again.
The end of an Era..
Roly & Omega touched the hearts of many, they will never be forgotten..


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